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Breast Reduction

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LENGTH OF SURGERY:2 to several hours
ANESTHESIA:Usually general
NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS :2 Postop Controls at Clinic.

Breast Lift and Reduction
Having a breast which is overly large and saggy can cause intense physical and psychological complaints in women. Dr. Bora Ok ,has had an opportunity to closely follow up and evaluate the problems of the patients with his expertise in this field. It is an important cause of head, neck, waist and back pain and we found that itchy and bad smell due to dermatitis in the lower part of the breast,the pressure of the brass related with the excess of the breast tissue in the shoulders. Somnipathy and respiratory distress can also be seen in advanced cases. The difficulties in choosing clothes an escaping from physical activity are the consequences. Breast reduction operations performed with appropriate surgical techniques provide significant physical and psychological benefits to women's quality of life. 
Does the breast size change with gaining weight?
Breast comprises of breast tissue, fat ,skin and connective tissues. The fat component here is highly influenced by weight fluctuation. Therefore, in the case of weight fluctuation, the changes in this way will definitely affect the breast dimensions as in the whole body. This effect naturally varies in each person.
Is there any age limit for breast reduction surgery?
It is very important how the breast dimensions affect person's physical or psychological state. This is a genetic transition, especially in people with gigantomastia (giant breast) disease, causing serious disturbances from very early ages.In this case, these surgeries can be done before the age of 18 years with the approval of the family and a good evaluation.
What do we make in breast reduction surgeries?
In this surgery, all the tissues of the breast are reduced and shaped. At the same time, the operation we have done here is to move the drooping nozzle to the ideal position. When the diameter of the drooping and heavy nozzle is considerably enlarged, the diameter of the nozzle is to be narrowed. Therefore, we can say that each breast reduction operation is also a breast lift operation.
Where are the incisions made for breast reduction surgery?
First, as the diameter of the nipple is reduced and accordingly the nipple is moved upwards, so requires three incisions to be made around the nipple,a vertical incision downward depending on the amount of sagging and a horizontal incision in the submammary region. With vertical incision from nozzle to the down ,the breast is built up from inside and out and versa in the vertical plane . As the breast moves up with the horizontal incision in the bottom the excess tissue accumulating at this region is removed. This is called the inverted T-shaped scar breast reduction surgery. In cases where the amount of sagging is scarce , only vertical incisions (like the shape of lollipop) may be sufficient but for along time I have seen that the excess in here has disturbed our patients more than the scar so I routinely make the horizontal incision in breast reduction operation.
What kind of anesthesia is used for breast reduction surgery ?
Breast reduction surgeries are performed under the general anesthesia.
How long does the breast reduction operation last?
Breast reduction surgery can last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the breast tissue.
Is breast reduction surgery painful?
Breast reduction surgery is a painless surgery as it is usually performed by protecting muscle tissue. There may be a slight pain sensation on incision site after a surgery. This is normal and after a few hours, this feeling is getting lower and the painkillers used routinely are quite adequate.
When will the stitches be removed after surgery?
In breast reduction surgery, I would make all the incisions with the sutures such a way suture material will be under the skin. Therefore, it is not necessary to remove a stitch.
Do the scars remain after a breast reduction surgery?
Every surgical intervention is followed by scars. How much of the surgical scars will be related to stitching technique, the tension of the wound and the structural features of the person and the potential for healing. In our studies and clinical observations, we see that scar is not among a primary complaints of our patients in breast reduction surgery. With our recommendations followed , it becomes rather less obvious in approx.1-1.5 years.
How long does it take to recover after breast reduction surgery?
Our patients can meet their personal needs immediately after surgery. From the 5th day they can easily go outside. I advise my patient to be careful about physical activity until the third week which is wound healing period after surgery. I always recommend to consult the doctor for your special situations .
When can I do sports after surgery?
Patients can do some gentle exercise on 3rd week after a surgery. I advise my patients not to go through heavy exercises before the 8th week
When can I take a shower after a surgery?
You can take a shower from the 2th day after closing your surgical incision sites with waterproofing tapes.It varies from person to person and depending on the scar. I generally recommend taking a shower after the 5th day or before coming to the control.
When can I go swimming after a surgery?
In some cases, the incision site may be long in breast reduction surgery, and in these cases there may be minimal bumps. This is normal, but I do not recommend you to swim in the pool or in the sea unless each part of region fully heals.It will be the healthiest way to assess the current state of the operation region by consulting the doctor.
Is it necessary to stay at hospital after surgery?
Although I can discharge my patients after 8 hours from breast reduction surgery with follows-up, most of patients prefer to stay at hospital overnight.
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