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Brow Lift

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We provide dedicated aftercare while in Turkey and after return to home country. We review your pictures every 1-3-6-9-12 months and make recommendations for best results possible.

ANESTHESIA:Usually general
NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS:2 controls at clinic.

Brow aesthetics (improvable)
The placement and shape of the eyebrows is important in the vivid and youthful appearance. Sagging eyebrown can give a tired look.
Eyebrow aesthetic surgeries can be applied through eyebrows, with incisions made from the upper eyelid or scalp.
Whom brow surgeries can be applied to?
The excess of brow skin is one of the most important reasons for a patients to benefit from eyebrow lift surgery . People who have no sagging on the eyebrow skin will benefit less. If there is no real sag in your eyebrows, your eyebrow will not be lifted with a surgical intervention or any suspension method. Even if it looks lifted in the beginning ,it will soon come to the old place.
For this reason, the muscles that pull the eyebrows downward at the eye edge are weakened by botulinum toxin and providing the muscles that lift the eyebrows become superior so that the outer eyebrows can stand still higher. This treatment should be repeated every 6 months.
Ultrasonic Brow Lift
Low eyebrow , especially in the age group of 35-45 years, it is possible to provide a long brow lift by warming up the eyebrows membraine tissue on the muscles which lift the eyebrows. This method takes about 15 minutes and its affect lasts between 3-6 days. And persistency lasts 2-3 years. If patient's muscle structure is appropriate and the probability of success increases with a proper technique.
Hanging Brows
I do not recommend hanging eyebrows with rope because of asymmetry and foreign body reactions. If you do not already have a real skin excess, this method can be very useful for a short time. If there is excess skin, sagging, brow lifting surgery, which is done via hairline, gives good long-term results.
With eyelid aesthetic surgery
Sagging and excess skin on the outer of upper eye lid is fixed by upper eyelid surgery. However, some of these excesses may be the result of the sagging of the brow skin. In this case, lifting the eyebrows almost as if there was an eyelid surgery, lifts the skin up and opens the upper eyelid.
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