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Buttock Augmentation wih Implants

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LENGTH OF SURGERY:3 to several hours
ANESTHESIA:Usually general
NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS:2 Postop Controls at Clinic.

       Buttock augmentation with implants are prefered to provide volume on the butt and visibility on outer and upper region of the butt. Butt implants can be placed inside and under of the buttock muscles and fascia. The placement of butt implants on the muscles or under the fascia is only recommended for some specific implant types and low volumes. I place the buttock implants inside of the buttock muscles.
How do we perform a surgery?
I make two incisions from coccyx to the down about 7-8 cm for each part of the butt, and when the top side of incision remains under coccyx, it will not show external markedness.These incisions are conveniently placed and hidden even in the nakedness because they will stay on the inside.
Where do we place the implants on ?
When it is done with proper techniques such as feeling, constant displacement and movement while sitting on buttocks implants, in fact, it makes rare complications but not prefered for shaping and enlarging the buttocks . When the buttock (Gluteus Maximus Muscles) taking large and wide space is divided into two part as a sandwich and implants are placed in together, the possibility of these complications decrease considerably. Since there is no natural space on the buttock, it is technically difficult and requires experience to create this space in which implants can be put . Possible complications are extremely rare when this space is well opened and choose implant volume in the way which can be remained in the muscle completely. 
What is the duration of surgery?
The operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes proximately 2 hours. Leakage may occur after buttocks divided into two part that’s why we place the drains that let leakage out during the surgery.
When can you sit after surgery?
I recommend my patients to sit or lie on the implant shortly after the buttock implants surgery. This reduces both leakage and bleeding as implant presses, and it also prevents edema from reaching out the deep and causing the sciatic nerve pressure and the pain associated with it. In cases when there is a lot of pain, the pressure on the implants can also be reduced by lying on the supine position. It is necessary to take care of moving slowly in the first 5 days . In this regard, every surgeon may have different approaches .
Can I do sports after surgery?
There is no harm in doing light exercises after the third week . You should not keep up when you are forced to do it or feel a lot of pain. For heavier exercises, it is possible to do after the second month with controls.
Can the butt implants be felt after surgery?
The butt implant is placed by using the proper shape, technique and volume so it is not going to be felt even by touching after surgery. However, there are exceptional conditions, especially for the patient who has thin muscle tissue, but these conditions generally do not cause any problems.
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