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Chin Augmentation

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PROCEDURE:Chin Augmentation
LENGTH OF SURGERY:1 to several hours
ANESTHESIA:Usually general
Number Of Postop Control:2 Postop Control

What is Chin Augmentation? 
Chin implantation is a type of plastic surgery by which the size or the shape of the chin is being reformed. There are two ways of carrying out this operation. Either by inserting an implant or by reshaping the bones of the lower jaw. The aim of inserting an implant is to widen the chin area whereas the aim of the bone reshaping is to reduce the chin size. Usually, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries are recommended to be carried out together in order to acquire a well-proportioned face structure since these two facial structures are the key to a balanced face profile.
Why Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation adds a balanced proportion to the face structure which as a result has a positive effect on outlook of the other facial features as well. Chin augmentation operations are recommendable for those who would like to have a
• Chin that is broader in size
• Smoother or sharper chin structure
• More prominent chin
• Also in some cases for those who had a gender reassignment surgery as a part of the transition process
What Should I Expect Before/During/After the Surgery?

The operation is being carried out while the patient is under genral anaesthesia and it takes around half an hour.
After the augmentation no inccision occurs and the patient can return to his/her social acitivites right away since the surgery is performed inside your mouth however patient is recommended not to eat solid and particulated food until 5 days after the surgery in order to reach faster recovery. Smooth foods and liquids must be taken during the post-operation phase.
For the swelling, keeping the bandage for 5 days after the surgery would help the decrease of the swelling.

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