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Face Lift

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LENGTH OF SURGERY:2 to several hours
ANESTHESIA:Usually general
NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS:2 Postop Controls at Clinic.

Face Lift
Face Lift is a surgery which provides taking of the excess skin that causes sagging on the face and correcting loose deep facial tissue.
Face lift surgery is performed with incision starts from the inside of the scalp to the down in front of the ear and other incision goes the back of the ear. The incision in the scalp provides tightness in the outer region of the brow and the incision from the front of the ear provides to remove sagging on cheek while the incisions in the back of the ear are made to provide tightness on the neck region. When facelift surgery is desired only in the cheek region so if there is no slight sagging in the neck this operation can be performed with only incision made in front of the ear . This is called a short-scar lift or mini-facelift. For both face lift and mini-facelift operations, when the muscle weakness occurs in the jowl, fat injections in loss of volume and jowl lift with incision made under the gill can be added. Facelifts provide a younger, brighter look with interventions which remove sagging and provide volume losses.
Midface Lift
Sagging in the cheek region especially from the middle ages gives discomfort in people who have definite cheek tissue , it also increases the visibility of the lines that starts from the edge of the nose to the edge of the mouth. These deep lines are often tried to be treated with fillers, but fails because of not taking into account that real problem originates from sagging not volume loss. At the same time, the hole under the eye is becoming more apparent as the result of the cheek sagging.
The mid-face lift surgery is performed with incision made from temple region in the scalp and the inside of the mouth. If necessary, lower and upper eyelid surgery can be performed in conjuction with brow lift surgeries.
Neck Lift
Neck lift is mostly performed with face lift surgery. Due to the fact that patients who have sagging on neck and jowl and most of them have also sagging on cheek by only the lifting of this region and lower cheek tissue continues to sag from here and it gives a bad appearance. Neck lift are performed by incision under the jaw line or back of the ear. Neck muscles which has medium loose are stitched to provide more tightness. In the case of need with liposuction to be done with thin cannulas, the neck contours become more prominent especially on people who have subcutaneous deposit fat tissue under the skin. It also benefits from the contraction effect of liposuction on the skin.
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