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Gynecomastia (Enlarged Male Breast)


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Dr. Bora Ok, MD. Plastic Surgeon

Gynecomastia (Enlarged Male Breast)

Enlarged male breast tissue is one of most common problems requested to be cured in recent times. After analyzing the breast tissue, it is removed with a small incision made from the underside of the nipple and it is possible to get rid of this problem easily with fat removel procedure by reducing the fat tissue. In males, breast enlargement is called as gynecomastia.Excess breast tissue in male breast growth is accompanied by an excess fatty tissue and a broad and forward herniation of the nipple.Especially in recent years, patient’s complaints are increasing in parallel with growing the number of weight loss surgeries and patients who have lost weight in a short period of time results in sagging skin in their breast. In men who have a complaint of breast growth (gynecomastia), treatment options are determined as a result of physical examination.

  • LENGTH OF SURGERY: 45 Minutes

  • ANESTHESIA: Usually General



  • NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS: 2 Postop Controls

Lipolysis and Liposuction (Melt Fat Away and Remove Fat)

In the case of excess fat in the breast with minimal breast tissue , breast reduction will be achieved when this breast tissue is removed by liposuction.The only group that will benefit from liposuction is the young middle-aged people with excess fat who has no herniation on their breast tissue.When the lower fat tissue is melted away, the skin on top of it contracts and becomes smaller and the total breast volume and appearance becomes smaller accordingly. The most important factor determining the result of surgery is the deep elasticity capacity, that is, the potential of contraction and reduction when the fat tissue in lower side is removed. I believe that only liposuction is inadequate in the case of excess breast tissue. Because of this, I would suggest direct breast tissue removal in these patients at the same time.

Direct Removal of Breast Tissue

Direct access to the breast tissue with incision made between the brown region of the nipple and the normal skin is effective in reducing the total breast volume. I usually remove fat tissue with liposuction in a homogeneous manner, then I follow a gradual reduction for the remaining breast tissue. This reduces the possibility of cravity problem depending on excessive breast tissue removal and a more homogenous appearance obtained at the same time.

Treatment of Herniation

After removing the fat tissue and the breast tissue when nipple has been herniated forwards,the gradual and horizantal removal of the tissue causing the herniation underneath the nipple heals herniation.

Reduction of Nipple Diameter

When the fat and nipple tissue in the breast is reduced, the nipple along with the skin will also get smaller . This is effective on majority of our patients. However, the reduction of the nipple is possible by narrowing and cutting the nipple rounded shape. However, depending on the tight in the healing process of this operation, enlargement of the scar and re-growth of the nipple are quite common.

Approach For Patients Who Lose Too Much Wieght And Fast

For this patients ,excessive sagging skin can be very uncomfortable in their social life. In these people, the nipple is quite below. Removing completely the excess breast skin in the form of a horizontal scar and cutting the nipple and placing it in the new position is highly common methods. By preserving the nipple sensation or not preserving the sensation just like a tattoo is available techniques. We are able to obtain a more flattened appearance in the technique which the nipple sensation is unprotected and there is more chance to remove breast tissue and skin.

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