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LightWeight (B-Lite)

Breast Implant

B-Lite Breast Implants

What is a B-Lite Breast Implants?
The implant is filled with a microsphere enhanced silicone gel. The shell is of standard industry silicone, and the gel allows for a weight reduction of 30%. The microspheres, made from high purity and biocompatible borosilicate are fixed into the cohesive gel which allows for the weight reduction compared to normal implants. By reducing the strain on the surrounding breast tissue, B-Lite breast implants have the potential to reduce weight related side effects such as back and neck pain.

What are the advantages to the patient?
  • All the materials used in B-Lite are well known and biocompatible 
  • There is no change in the surgical procedure 
  • Patented microsphere-gel adhesion (no separation and leakage in case of implant rupture) 
  • Reduced gel bleed over the life of the implant 
  • Significantly less silicone gel in implant 
  • B-Lite gel is more transparent under mammography than normal silicone allowing more of the breast to be viewed 
  • Patients experience less pain and a shorter recovery time with B-Lite breast implants

Are B-Lite Breast Implants safe?
In initial surgical testing in December 2013 with 50 subjects, there was a very high surgeon satisfaction in all 50 cases and 94% patients were satisfied with the procedure. It can therefore be concluded that the new Light Weight Breast Implant has proven Pre-clinical safety, early clinical safety and efficacy and may be a solution to limiting the soft tissue effects of breast implants.
A main safety advantage is that due to the composition of the gel and suspended microspheres, if there should be a rupture to the implant, the contents of the implant are less likely to leak into the surrounding tissue, a problem that can occur with other implants. Microspheres have already been proven in use in other medical devices.
The implants are the result of nearly ten years research, development and testing. The shell is by a market leader based in Germany who has over 25 years of experience, and a well-documented safety record.
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