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Mommy Makeover

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Our plastic surgeon is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is a Professor with a book on breast surgery and 25 years of surgical experience.

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Our hospital is rated A+ by the Turkish Ministry of Health and accredited by JCI representing gold standards in hygiene and quality. We use FDA approved Mentor implants.

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We provide dedicated aftercare while in Turkey and after return to home country. We review your pictures every 1-3-6-9-12 months and make recommendations for best results possible.

LENGTH OF SURGERY:3 to several hours
ANESTHESIA:Usually general
NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS:2 Postop Controls at Clinic.

Postpartum Aesthetic Surgery Requirements:
Pregnancy is a period when many physical and psychological changes are observed. Seeking solutions to some physical changes that occur due to many factors after pregnancy is quite frequent.The most common requests after pregnancy are in abdomen, waist and breast regions. Therefore, these operations in abroad are called as '' mommy make over ''. Pregnancy, of course, affects each mother physically, and her previous physical condition,personal anatomy and weight loss -gain is also important in these changes.
Postpartum Breast Surgery
Depending on whether weight loss -gain after pregnancy, and with the effect of rapid growth and shrinking of the breasts, cracks and sagging frequently occur in breast. The more breast tissues before pregnancy means more sagging.  Sagging is minimal in people with little or no breast tissue.  Contrary to general belief;lactation in preganancy does not make the breast sagging. 
So it is misleading in all respects that mothers will give up their mother's nursing with thought that will create saggy. Loss of elasticity due to weight gain-loss increases the volume of the breast skin when the mammal's sagging is minimal or absent.This is the reason why women are complaning about their breast draning out . Breast tissue has never gone away or lost in breastfeeding.In this case, the main complaint is volume loss, so the breast prosthesis is sufficient to provide breast volume. Breast prostheses can provide 1-2 cm upward movement of the nipple with special techniques to be applied simultaneously by creating volume, but these operations can not substitute for breast augmentation operations. Breast augmentation surgeries are needed when there is excess skin and sagging of nipple. 
Breast augmentation surgeries are an operations that involve moving the breast to its ideal position above nipple and removing excess skin or breast tissue from the breast. Breast prosthesis may be preferred to the amount of breast tissue or to the individual's desire. It should not be forgotten that breast prostheses have their own weight as well as their volume so it makes breast heavier.Therefore, it is generally more advisable to leave the doctor choose not to use heavier for patients who have poor quality skin .
Postpartum Tummy Tuck Surgery
The operations that can be performed in the abdomen are liposuction, mini and full tummy tuck operations.Removing fat with liposuction from patients who have good or moderate skin provides a adequate result. When only a slight sag in the bottom of abdominal ,mini tummy tuck operations involve only to take that part.It is also more effective when liposuction and vertical abdominal muscles are stitched together, often at the same time.Full tummy tuck operations are performed on people who are close to the ideal body weight and have sagging from the belly button to down. This surgery involves removing excess skin, fixing the deformed belly button and reducing bump by stitching abdominal muscles. Lumbar stretching and liposuction to be made at the same time also provides to the 360 degree shaping of the abdominal region and we add them to the operation.

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