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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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  • LENGTH OF SURGERY: 3 to several hours

  • ANESTHESIA: General

  • STAY IN HOSPITAL: 2 Nights


  • NUMBER OF POSTOP CONTROLS: 2 Postop Controls.

Tummy Tuck is an operation aimed at to remove excess skin that occurs in the lower abdomen like all lifting operations and also provides to straighten the inner structure of the abdomen , change the shape and size of the belly button and reveal cavity of the belly with some additional techniques.

Who is the ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery?

People who are close to normal weight ranges (Body mass index below 30) but have skin sagging due to loss of elasticity are ideal candidates for tummy tuck . Proximity to ideal weight is one of the most important factor in the dramatic change of the surgical result, and also in patient satisfaction and desired healing process. It should not be forgotten that plastic surgery is NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS . If it had, obesity would not be a problem in the world. Creating better body proportions is the main goal in surgery and follows with high success rate and patient satisfaction.

Tummy Tuck 1

Tummy Tuck 1

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Tummy Tuck 2

Tummy Tuck 3

Tummy Tuck 3

What are types of tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery can be simply evaluated according to whether the belly button is left in place or not.

What is mini Tummy Tuck?

In those who have a slight excess skin in the bottom of the tummy and removal of this excess of skin may be called as a mini tummy tuck.Here, not only this region is targeted, but also laxity in abdominal muscles can be removed and storage oil can be taken with liposuction .In mini tummy tuck surgery, the main target is the excess skin in the the bottom of tummy and length of incision lies on the bikini line is related to amount of this tissue. Performing this incision as amount of excess tissue will show the result of the surgery better. So mini tummy tuck surgery is not considered as tummy tuck with a short-term stitch .

What is the full tummy tuck? When the full tummy tuck is medically necessary?

Full tummy tuck surgery is performed for various reasons especially in which a weight loss/gain , during the pregnancy period weakening of the intra-abdominal muscles and the internal organs are spread out to the tummy and the belly button is deformed.

Where will incisions made from?

In tummy tuck surgery, the incision is usually performed in the form of a single horizontal in the bottom of tummy. Length and direction of incision varies according to the form and degree of the sagging for each patient.Here, the shape of the body and the curvature to the right -left and the placement of the belly button in the body plays an important role.Besides,height of incision ,stitching after operation is most important points in terms of healing and result. By taking into account of all these situations ,an appropriate incision height and length are determined for you.It is designed not to discomfort you in social life. Occasionally ; when tummy height is ultrahigher than torso (body),this incision may be higher than the bikini level and also be in the form of a vertical line towards the bellybutton.With good planning and stitching techniques these marks are diminishing over time.

What do we pay attention before surgery?

Before tummy tuck surgery, please let us know all details about your general medical condition.Anemia , hypertension, diabetes, thyroid hormone disorders, coagulation and vascular occlusion problems, varicose veins need to be evaluated preoperatively.Chronic drugs, hormone and vitamin treatments should be reported.

How long does surgery last? How is it performed?

Tummy tuck surgeries takes approximately 1-3 hours depending on contents of surgery.During operation abdominal tissue is unloosed by lifting over fromt he level of the membrane layer surrounding the abdominal muscles .In other words, we can not be in a connection with the tissues in the tummy therefore ; it is not a matter of harming intra-abdominal organs.The lower abdominal muscles are then tightened as a corset from inside appropriately.The abdominal skin is stretched and the excess part is removed and a new belly button is formed in the new tummy.During the same operation, waist stretching and fat removal with liposuction are also frequently used, especially for thinning the waist region.

How is recovery period in Tummy Tuck surgery?

In full tummy tuck surgery , patients usually stay in hospital for 2 days, and in mini tummy tuck surgery ,patients are discharged in next day. Although there is some pain due to tightening of the muscles, but not intense and can be controlled with routine pain killers and muscle relaxant treatments and after 5th day; pain will be in the lowest severity. We do not recommend our patients to walk bendingly or any restricted movements.They can comfortably fulfil their personal needs in a controlled way.

How are the post-operative controls going on?

We invite our patients for wound mark on the 3rd-4th day after discharge. We recommend a check after 1 week and a check in 15 day periods.If you are coming from abroad, 7-8 days period is enough to follow up.

How long after tummy tuck surgery can you do sports?

After the surgery you can do gentle exercise from the 3rd week, but we recommend you wait at least 6 months for abdominal exercises.It does not take so long for fully healing of the interventions made to tighten the abdominal muscles.It is okay to go into the pool or the sea after your incision fully healed.In the first 6 months, however, we recommend that you avoid exposure to intense sunlight for a long time and use protective creams.

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