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Breast Augmentation

Achieve the curves you've always wanted with a boob job in Turkey. Natural-looking, long-lasting, fast-healing results with superior technique.

Breast plastic surgery can be performed for many reasons and to answer various needs and desires. Patients who want fuller, larger breasts, those who suffer from neck and back pain due to very large breasts, who have sagging breasts due to aging or massive weight loss, who complain of breast deformities or asymmetries, who had their breasts removed due to cancer treatment and male patients with enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia) can achieve the appearance they dream of and boost their self-esteem by getting plastic breast surgery for breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast reconstruction.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size and alter the shape of a person's breasts with breast implants or fat transfer. In some cases, breast augmentation may be preferred to create more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical breasts.

Some of the reasons why people seek breast augmentation include the following:


  • To correct asymmetries, deformities, or congenital defects such as inadequate breast development
  • To enhance breast size and shape for cosmetic reasons
  • To restore breast volume and shape after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss
  • To correct tuberous or tubular breasts
  • To reconstruct the breast after mastectomy or other breast surgeries


How is breast augmentation done?

Breast augmentation with an implant such as a silicone or B-lite implant is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 60-90 minutes.

Depending on the scope of the operation, the patient can be discharged on the same day or the next day.


Breast implants

Implants come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and content, and the right implant depends on the patient's anatomy and desired outcome. Breast implants may be made of saline or silicone gel, have a round or teardrop shape, and smooth or textured surface. When selecting the size of a breast implant, the patient's anatomy, breast size, and skin elasticity should be thoroughly assessed, as well as their goals and needs to get the best results.

There are three main things to consider when selecting a breast implant:

  1. The desired cup size
    Cup size is an important factor when selecting the volume of the implant. Cup size describes the volume the breast takes up on the rib cage and is designated with a letter from A to F that may change from country to country. When selecting the desired cup size, it should be kept in mind that instead of overly enlarging the breast, it is best to choose a size that is proportional to the rest of the body.
  1. Where the incision will be made
    Silicone breast implants may be placed with incisions made from under the breast (inframammary), under the arm (axillary), or around the nipple (periareolar). Your surgeon will determine the best location for you during your consultation.
  1. Where the implant will be placed
    Depending on the thickness of the existing breast tissue, implants may be placed under the chest (pectoral) muscle, beneath the muscle membrane (fascia), or under the breast tissue. Regardless of where the implants are placed, mammary glands are preserved during breast augmentation, and patients can breastfeed afterward.


Differences between round and teardrop (anatomical) breast implants

Breast implants differ in volume, width, height, content, outer material, texture, and shape. A suitable alternative may be selected according to the patient's anatomy and the desired cup size.

Round and teardrop (anatomical or contoured) breast implants are the two shapes used in breast augmentation.

Round implants are spherical and provide fullness both at the top and the bottom of the breast. They are the most commonly used type of implant and are often preferred by patients who want a more dramatic, noticeable increase in breast size.

When placed in a breast with adequate breast tissue, it homogenously increases the volume of the breast in each direction. When placed in a breast with little breast tissue, the final shape of the breast will be very similar to the shape of the implant, meaning it will be rather round.

Also called anatomical implants, teardrop implants, on the other hand, are shaped like a teardrop or natural breast and are fuller at the bottom than at the top. They are designed to provide a more natural-looking result, particularly for those with less breast tissue or those undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. They can be preferred in cases where the breast is located higher up on the torso or in patients with low-sitting nipples where the location of the nipple needs to be centralized.

Due to their asymmetrical shape, teardrop implants may rotate in the pocket they are placed, causing an unnatural look. This is a rare complication and may largely be avoided with meticulous planning, surgical technique, and post-op care to ensure that they are positioned correctly and that the desired result is achieved.


Breast augmentation with fat grafting

Breast augmentation with fat grafting, or autologous fat transfer, uses a patient's own fat cells to enhance breast size and shape. It involves harvesting fat cells via liposuction from areas like the abdomen or thighs, purifying them, and injecting them into the breasts to increase volume and improve contour.

Fat grafting can be suitable for patients who desire a more subtle breast enhancement or need tuberous breast correction, but it is not ideal for creating very large breasts due to the limited amount of fat that can be transferred.

Around 50-70% of transferred fat remains viable while the rest is absorbed by the body. Ideal candidates for fat grafting should not have sagging breasts; those who do need a breast lift before the procedure.

Fat injections are less invasive than breast implants and heal faster.


The healing process after breast augmentation with implants

  • Incisions are covered with inelastic bandages for 3-4 days after breast augmentation with implants.
  • Keep bandages on and avoid changing them too often. Keep incisions clean and dry for 2-3 weeks.
  • Showering is allowed the day after surgery using waterproof bandages. Be careful getting in and out of the shower, and use a blow dryer on low heat to dry the incision site.
  • Expect pain and restricted arm movements for the first month. Avoid sudden arm and shoulder movements.
  • Attend to your own needs slowly and carefully. This will help prevent shoulder joint pain due to immobility and promote a quicker recovery.
  • Long walks may cause edema at the surgery site, so they are not recommended early on.
  • Avoid lying in a prone position for 4-6 weeks after surgery.
  • Use medical or sports bras for three months and avoid underwire bras during this time.
  • Consult your surgeon with any questions or concerns regarding wound care and activity, as each surgery and patient is different.


Pain after breast implants

Some pain is expected after the surgery, partly due to the implant's weight, especially when the breast implants are placed under the chest muscle. This pain is usually minimized around the 5th day.

Some edema may accumulate during sleep and cause pain in the morning, which tends to subside in the afternoon. The pain will be considerably less each morning compared to the previous morning. Taking painkillers before going to bed and after breakfast is recommended for pain management.

Frequently asked questions

Does breast augmentation lift the breasts?

If you are unhappy with sagging breasts, you should know that breast augmentation surgery is not the same as a breast lift. If there is minimal sagging, breast augmentation may create a lifting effect due to the enlargement of the breast. In that case, patients may be satisfied with a breast augmentation without getting a breast lift if the desired breast volume is not too little. However, patients with more advanced sagging need a breast lift besides breast implants. Your surgeon will guide you about this in your consultation.

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