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Breast Reduction

No more back and neck pain, no more discomfort. Feel free and confident with a breast reduction for firm, full, uplifted breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can alleviate physical and psychological discomfort caused by abnormally large or sagging breasts. The procedure involves reducing and shaping all tissues in the breast and repositioning the sagging nipple at a higher location, potentially reducing its diameter. Essentially, every breast reduction surgery is also a breast lift procedure.

While writing his thesis on breast reduction, Dr. Bora Ok has gained invaluable insight into patients' concerns and has a deep understanding of the physical and emotional impact large breasts may cause. He has helped hundreds of patients regain their freedom and self-esteem while relieving them of significant physical distress.

Excessive breast volume is one of the leading causes of headaches and neck, waist, and back pain. Large breasts can also lead to dermatitis under the breasts, causing itching and foul odor or cause discomfort in the shoulders due to the pressure created by bra straps. In more advanced cases, large breasts can even disturb sleep or cause respiratory distress. Additionally, some individuals even have trouble choosing clothes or feel self-conscious about participating in physical activities. Breast reduction surgery can enhance physical and psychological well-being, bring comfort and freedom and improve one’s quality of life.

How is breast reduction done?

Breast reduction surgery typically requires three incisions: one around the nipple to decrease its diameter and reposition it higher, a vertical incision downwards based on the degree of sagging, and a horizontal incision in the inframammary area.

The vertical incision allows for the removal of excess breast tissue and the reshaping of the breast. The horizontal incision removes any additional excess tissue and lifts the breast. The procedure in which this incision is used is called an inverted-T breast reduction.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes between 1 and 3 hours. Although it is possible to discharge the patient after 8 hours with a thorough follow-up after the surgery, most patients prefer to stay overnight.


Weight gain and breast size

The breast consists of breast tissue, fat, skin, and connective tissues. The fat component here is very sensitive to changes in weight. Therefore, weight fluctuations affect the volume of breast tissue as it affects the rest of the body. The extent of this varies from person to person.


Healing after breast reduction surgery

  • Patients can tend to their personal needs immediately following surgery and can begin going on light walks outdoors from the fifth day onward.
  • It is essential to exercise caution and avoid lifting heavy objects until the third week when wound healing is expected to occur.
  • Patients should wear a sports bra for up to 4 weeks during the postoperative period. After 4-6 weeks, they can switch to underwire bras and sleep in a prone position.
  • It is advisable to consult with a doctor about any individual circumstances and specific questions.

Frequently asked questions

What's the youngest age to get a breast reduction?

It is crucial to assess the impact of breast size on the physical and psychological well-being of the patient here. Particularly for those with gigantomastia (giant breasts), an inherited condition, large breasts cause discomfort from a young age. In extreme cases, breast reduction surgery can be performed with family approval and thorough assessment before age 18.

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