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Closed Rhinoplasty

Achieve facial harmony and the perfect nose with a reduced nasal hump, narrow alar base, and more refined tip. No visible scars.

What is closed rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty is a technique in which the incisions are made inside the nose instead of at the tip of the nose. The natural ligaments and tissues are preserved as the nose is reshaped. An aesthetic appearance that works well with the rest of the face is created without leaving any visible scars. The healing process is also faster in closed rhinoplasty. 

Some of the most prevalent complaints that can be fixed with scarless rhinoplasty are achieving a reduced nasal hump, a narrower nasal alar base, and a more refined nasal tip.


The advantages of closed rhinoplasty

The absence of an incision on the tip of the nose allows to preserve vascularity at this region, causes less edema, and allows faster recovery of post-operative numbness. 

Patients who need revision rhinoplasty or thick-skinned patients who require reduction of excess fat tissue on the tip of the nose can safely get a closed rhinoplasty for these interventions.

Preserving the original tissues and ligaments allows for a more natural appearance at the tip of the nose.

Thanks to advanced closed rhinoplasty methods, many nose surgeries are performed with closed technique today.  

Naturally, the technique to be used unequivocally depends on the surgeon's assessment and not the patient's preference. Both open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty are techniques that should be performed meticulously by an experienced surgeon. 


How long does closed rhinoplasty take to heal?

The majority of patients go through the post-operative period without any bruising, with minimal edema and a pain level of 2 or 3 out of 10. 

Stitches are removed about a week after surgery.  

Patients may return to work or social life within 10-15 days.  

The swelling mostly goes away in three weeks. Around 80 percent of the swelling will have subsided by the third month. 

While it may take up to a year for the nose to take its final form, this period may take up to two years in thick-skinned patients.  


How much does a closed nose job cost in Istanbul?

If you are interested in getting a rhinoplasty in Turkey, you probably want to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the area. Dr. Bora Ok has years of experience in rhinoplasty, especially closed and ethnic rhinoplasty, and will be more than happy to sit down for a consultation with you. Please get in touch with us on Whatsapp +90 552 822 23 21 to schedule an appointment.  

You can find the answers to other frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty here.

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